Helpful Tips For Moving Your Furniture

15 March 2018
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As you prepare to pack up all your belongings for your big move, you may be wondering what the best way is to move your bigger furniture items. While anybody can manage moving the boxes, you do not want to jump into moving furniture without knowing what you are doing. Here are some tips that make moving furniture much easier.

Wrap Items In Plastic Wrap

You are going to need plastic wrap if you want to ensure everything makes it to your new place without being damaged. This isn't a roll of plastic wrap that you buy at your local grocery store, but a large roll of plastic that is designed to go around your furniture items.

Plastic wrap can be used to protect the surface of your furniture from becoming scratched or ripped as you move it around corners and sharp objects. If you want to be extra careful, you can even place a moving blanket over the furniture and wrap it with plastic to secure it in place.

Anything with drawers that can open should use plastic wrap to keep the drawers shut. If a drawer opens accidentally, the weight of the door can cause a drawer to break off its tracks and damage the item you are trying to keep.

Disassemble Everything

Do not assume that you are going to save time by leaving furniture items in their fully assembled state before you move them. Your goal should be to disassemble everything that you can so that it is easier to move. This includes removing doors from the hinges, legs from tables, and the backs off of recliners. The more manageable these pieces are, the easier they will be to move.

Just make sure to keep track of all parts that you need to reassemble your furniture. Place each items parts in its own plastic bag, and then put those bags in their own box that is easy to find. This will make it easy to find all of your parts when you get to your new place.

Use Forearm Moving Straps

Don't break your back by picking up heavy items from the bottom. You can make things easier by using forearm moving straps. These allow you to grip onto items from the bottom, but wrap the straps around your forearms for maximum strength without bending over.

If you do not feel like doing all of this heavy lifting, contact a local moving company to help do it for you.