3 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Furniture

29 August 2022
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Hiring professional furniture movers will help you avoid some challenges. If your furniture refuses to go through the doorways or staircases, the professionals have enough experience to help solve the problem. 

The experts also have special equipment to handle any furniture. This equipment includes tow trucks, two-wheel dollies, hoisting straps, crates, bins, appliance dollies, and ramps. Moreover, furniture is bulky and heavy, putting you at risk of injury if the items fall on you or you slip and fall. 

Here are some mistakes that can happen when moving your furniture independently.

Hiring the Wrong Truck

There are different moving trucks, such as flatbed, hook and chain, integrated, and wheel-lift trucks. The trucks have varying capacities and usage. For instance, a hook and chain would be unsuitable for transporting furniture as they require a load with wheels. On the other hand, flatbed trucks would be a good option as they have enough space to accommodate bulky items. Also, the entire load is placed and harnessed on the truck's rear surface, which is suitable for furniture safety.

Also, some trucks have lower capacity than others. For example, a pick-up van may not be ideal for transporting furniture, as the items may not fit. A medium truck will be the better option as they have adequate space that will accommodate your furniture and allow some room for movement. If you pick a larger truck than necessary, you will end up overpaying for no reason.

Not Maneuvering the Furniture Properly

You need to turn your furniture on its side when moving them through doorways to allow easy passage. Otherwise, if you try to move the furniture upright, it will get stuck on the door's frames. Forcing the items through the space will damage the units and the door. You may incur costly repairs, and if you rent an apartment, your landlord may not be happy with you.

If you are hauling a couch across a hallway and have to pass through a door, you should place the furniture on its end before entering the hallway. Otherwise, carrying the couch horizontally will make it hard to go through the door.

Not Using Lifting Straps and Dollies

Moving companies usually use adjustable lifting straps to allow for easy movement of heavy items such as furniture. These devices will protect you from injuries, as exerting too much force while lifting can cause you to tear a muscle or dislocate your shoulder.

Dollies are used for moving heavy items across shorter distances. You can use the equipment to haul your furniture to the moving vehicle instead of dragging them on the floor. The dollies will also help you avoid damaging your floor or other items in the room.