Preparing Your Kitchen For A Big Move

5 April 2017
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Getting ready to move means more than just packing up a few boxes. Each room in your home should have its own moving plan, and that includes the kitchen. Here are a few things you'll want to consider when preparing your kitchen for your moving day.

Reduce Your Food Supply

You won't necessarily want to deal with moving your refrigerated or perishable foods, so in the days and weeks before your move, reduce the amount of groceries you buy. Clear out any condiments that are breakable, as these can be replaced once you are settled into your new home. Prepare or toss out frozen foods, and do the same for items inside the refrigerator. Go through your pantry and look for items you can donate to the local food pantry.

Find Appropriate Boxes For Small Appliances

Small appliances can be difficult to pack, so look through your cabinets or your basement to see if you have the original boxes for these items. If you can't find the original packaging, ask your moving company about purchasing smaller boxes to accommodate these items, and invest in packing supplies to protect the appliances during the moving process. For coffeemakers, blenders, and other items with glass components, consider packing the fragile items separately from the rest of the appliances.

Clean Out Large Appliances

Whether your fridge, stove, and dishwasher are coming with you or they are staying in the home, you'll want to clean these items out before moving. If your refrigerator doesn't have a self-defrost option, consider defrosting the freezer several days before the move so you can dry it out completely before moving. Wipe down all of the surfaces on the inside and outside of each appliance. Use packing tape to secure the doors and drawers on each appliance for added safety during the moving process.

Pack A Separate Box For Moving Day

Pack one box with items you'll likely need right away after you move, such as coffee cups, coffee filters, and a sugar bowl. This box might also include paper plates you can use for your first meal in the home, as well as napkins and place mats. Be sure to label this box appropriately so you can find it once you begin to unpack in your new home. If you don't have the time to prep your kitchen on your own, talk to your moving company about the moving services it offers. You may be able to arrange for packing, cleaning, and appliance prep to make your move that much easier.