3 Tips for a Successful Commercial Move

3 April 2017
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As your small business grows and expands, you may find that you need to relocate to a larger building. Completing a commercial move presents a unique challenge for business owners. It's vital that you do everything in your power to streamline the moving process in order to reduce downtime and prevent the move from affecting your company's profitability.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to help make your commercial move a little easier.

1. Take photographs of electronic equipment before you start to disconnect.

Many of the tasks completed by small businesses require access to reliable computer hardware or other electronic devices. If you want to ensure that your employees can begin working as quickly as possible once all of your company's equipment is moved to its new location, you need to be able to get electronics hooked up and running with ease.

Taking pictures of the cord placement before you start to disconnect your electronic devices can be beneficial. Rather than wasting time trying to remember which cord goes where, employees can consult your photographs to quickly and efficiently get vital electronic equipment working after a commercial move.

2. Use your commercial move as a time to purge.

In order to reduce the volume of items that must be moved during a commercial move, you should view your pending move as an opportunity to purge your company of any unnecessary items. Going through your records and shredding or scanning any documents that are no longer needed can eliminate a lot of unnecessary boxes from your move.

You should also evaluate the condition of your office furnishings prior to completing a commercial move. Any items that are in disrepair should be donated to a thrift store or thrown in the trash before you start to move. Purging your company of unnecessary items will reduce the amount of time and effort required to complete your commercial move.

3. Update your office documents.

If you want to be prepared to start doing business as soon as you complete your commercial move, then you should take the time to update your office documents before you engage in the moving process.

Order new letterhead with your updated address, and request new business cards with updated phone numbers or extensions for each of your employees. You should also be sure to update your company's website, as well as the electronic signatures that accompany any e-mail messages your employees send out to reflect your new contact information.

Being able to successfully complete a commercial move will help you eliminate any costly delays as you attempt to relocate your growing business. Be sure that you are prepared to streamline the moving process by taking photographs of electronic equipment, eliminating excess paperwork or obsolete assets, and updating office documents with your new contact information if you want to experience a successful commercial move in the future. For more tips, talk to companies like Father & Son Moving & Storage that specialize in commercial moves.