Roy Worley - Clairvoyant & Author


When Roy was a child he learned he could feel a certain "vibration" in those with whom he made contact.

As time progressed, Roy strengthened his inborn abilities. He learned to improve his "energy" readings and performs psychometry - the ability to draw information from an object, in this case a photograph. "Everything is composed of energy. I feel the energy by looking into the eyes of a person, and I sense the energy coming through my body," says Roy. It is an innate talent, and his friends and clients are amazed at his accuracy. Roy always perceived his "awareness" as a gift, and as he practiced and sharpened his skills, he realized he could help others recognize the lessons they needed to learn. He could share with others why they have gone through troubled times, and tell them what it means. He could help people grow, who in turn would be enabled to help others.

Now, Roy works as a clairvoyant full time. He sees a wide variety of clients, and absolutely loves what he is able to do for them. In addition to his full time work as a psychic reader, Roy, along with his partner Robert Sharpe, have created a companion to the daily horoscope - "PROPHECY", an easy-to-use method to help determine one's own destiny. "PROPHECY" provides one of the most comprehensive guidance tools for achieving more balance in everyday life. "I am continually receiving confirmation of the accuracy and positive direction the information provides," indicates Roy. Roy offers various services including a full or half session psychic reading and Past life regressions and chakra cleansings.

To contact Roy send him an email to RoyWorley@aol.com


"I have been Roy's client for just over 18 years. He has provided valuable insight into many of my life challenges including: job, colleagues, marriage and friends. He has an amazing innate gift that has him calling me when I'm stressed. It's a connection I treasure." ~ Jerry West, Honolulu, HI

"Roy has been my 'go-to' person for 11 years when I want answers to what is happening in my life. He has provided the insight I needed when facing difficult situations with my children and friends. Prior to Roy I went to many psychics. Since we met, I only see him." ~ Betty Goldman, Las Vegas, NV

"As a businessman I travel a lot domestically and internationally. I can't count how many times I have benefited from Roy's insight regarding business contacts I meet. Whether in New York or London, I simply send him a picture of an individual with whom I am to meet and he provides direction on how to make the most of my business meeting!" ~ Samual Johnson, Los Angeles, CA

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